Mortgage Broker and Lender

Audit Protection Plan - $249  

The Audit Protection Plan is our exclusive audit response program - you get a notice, we assist you with the response. This guidance will help you fully understand the type and nature of the regulator questions, and will help you to avoid making any inadvertent admissions against interest. You get a Banker's eye with Legal Training - all for one low annual fee of $249.

Our parent company Compliance Services has offices in Texas and Colorado serving hundreds of compliance clients nationwide. Compliance Services maintains a personal relationship with you by treating you with care and consideration. We’ve hand-picked a high-quality team of mortgage industry and legal professionals with the diverse skills needed to analyze and respond to audit questions. No issue is too big or too small where protecting your livelihood is involved. 

You will actually speak to and work with the experts here - experienced  Mortgage Bankers, Underwriters, and Attorneys.