Mortgage Broker and Lender

Audit Protection Plan - $249  

Important Disclosures

Because all situations are different no guarantees of specific results can be made. Best efforts will be used at all times. If fraud is alleged in the Audit Notice there will be an additional cost for our services.  If the Audit Notice pre-dates your inquiry this offer will not apply. However you may engage us as your Compliance Expert at our regular fee level and the plan will be included. Our supervising attorney Nelson A. Locke Esq. is admitted to the California and Federal Bars. His NMLS number is 149450. This is not an offer for legal representation but rather an advertisement for expert compliance assistance. Should a federal matter arise Attorney Locke can be engaged to assist you with the situation.  No engagement can exist unless there is a written agreement accepted by both parties. Attorney Locke reserves the right to refuse service if necessary. He may be contacted at (800) 656-4584.